It can be confusing, even intimidating, to visit a church for the first time. So, if you’re new to Grace Meridian Hill, we want to be as helpful to you as possible. Maybe we can start with this word of reassurance: We always expect to have a steady stream of visitors and newcomers, so you won’t be the first or only one!


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the worship services run?

We try to start promptly at 10:30am and finish by 12:15pm. That’s just under 2 hours for the worship time itself, but a lot of people like to hang out afterward.


What should I wear?

Some people dress up a little more than others, but most people choose to dress casually (jeans, sweater). Come the way that you feel most comfortable.


What if I have questions?

Some members of our Welcome Team should greet you when you arrive. Feel free to ask them any questions you have about how to get around.

Fill out a Connect form, which can be found on the second page of the bulletin. You can submit it when the offering is collected during the service or drop it off at the table in the lobby.


What should I expect from the Children’s Ministry?

Check out the Children's Ministry page for more details.

We believe it’s important to include our children in our worship and community life as much as possible. And yet, we also want to provide our dads and moms (and those around them!) a chance to freely engage with God and others on Sunday mornings.

More than just providing “childcare,” we see this as an opportunity to help nurture and care for your kids — a part of growing together as a spiritual family!

Children of all ages are invited to worship with their parents at any point in our service.  However childcare options are available.  Please make sure to sign your children in, and provide contact information (a cell #) should you be needed during the service).

Children 0-24 months: beginning at 10:45, balcony level.

Children 2-3 years: beginning during greeting/announcement time, balcony level.

Pre-K3 - Elementary: these children will be dismissed to the foyer during the announcement time. Teachers will take them to their classes in the Fellowship Hall.

Please note that all children should be picked up immediately after you have finished taking communion (infants/toddlers from their classroom; school age children from the foyer) so that they can participate in the end of the worship service.


Can I get there early?

Feel free to mingle with others in the lobby or in the sanctuary, find a seat early and enjoy a few minutes of quiet, or read some of the reflections found in the program.

Join us for Coffee Time in the foyer from 10:00-10:25am — we’d love to get to know you! (Please do not bring food or drinks into the sanctuary). 


What should I expect during the service?

You should feel free to participate in as little or as much as you want. You will not be forced to do anything (pray, sing, talk, etc.).

We have a live band that leads our music (mostly a gospel/jazz/latin flavor). We sing a mixure of songs — some more upbeat, others slower and more reflective. People are free to connect with God and express their hearts in their own unique way — for many that means singing and clapping, for others it means quietly reflecting on the words.

Greeting Time: As a relatively new and growing community, we’re small enough that it’s easy to get to know people, but not so small that you feel like you know everyone.

Spiritual Diversity: We always expect people of various spiritual dispositions and religious backgrounds to be present with us. So we  labor to make the contents of the worship service comprehensible and meaningful to everyone, especially newcomers and those exploring the Christian faith.

Our worship service has a number of components to it: we build relationships, pray (for ourselves, for our church, for our neighborhood), take an offering (please don’t feel obligated to give!), learn from a passage in the Bible (a 30 -45 minute sermon), interact with the pastor for Q&A, and sing.


After the Service 

Feel free to speak with Duke, Yancie or the elder and deacons and ask questions.

Most people stick around for conversation. Frequently people venture to a nearby restaurant for lunch — joining a group is a great way to get to build new relationships over lunch!

Once a month we have a Sunday Supper after the service in the fellowship hall downstairs.