Our Vision

A True Neighborhood


Our Mission

To build a gospel community that is intentionally “spiritually diverse,” cross-cultural and neighborhood-centered for the good of our neighbors and the glory of Jesus Christ in Columbia Heights, Mount Pleasant, Adams Morgan, Petworth, and beyond.


Our Invitation

We long for these local neighborhoods in Washington, DC to flourish not only spiritually but also socially, culturally, economically—indeed, in every sphere of life! To that end, we’re striving to be a community of good neighbors in our words and actions as we ourselves discover, and continually re-discover, how God has been a true neighbor toward us through Jesus. This story of the gospel (“good news”) — that Jesus, out of his own gracious initiative, lived, died, and rose to life to make all things new — empowers everything we are and do as a community.

This includes our commitment to be a gospel community, a spiritual family being changed by the grace of Jesus Christ; a spiritually diverse community, walking with those who have honest questions and doubts about the Christian faith; a cross-cultural community, gathering an ethnically mixed group of people who are forming intentional, caring, reciprocal, and sometimes messy, relationships of reconciliation; and a neighbor-loving community, serving our neighborhood and loving our local neighbors—especially the poor and marginalized—with compassion, justice, and joy.

In short, our aim is not simply to build a church, but rather, through the church, to build a great neighborhood. Because we believe that taking a self-sacrificial, loving interest in the lives of those immediately around us—which the grace of Jesus uniquely compels us to do—can effect radical, lasting change in the neighborhood.


Will you join us in this mission?