Neighborhood groups are 'mini communities' that provide mutual support and care for all members.  We encourage you to invest in a Neighborhood Group in order to build relationships, support one another in prayer and friendship, and know each other deeply as a gospel community.  Moms groups serve as Neighborhood Groups for moms, offering convenient times as well as providing childcare.  The Ladies and Men's Fellowship provide an additional level of learning and place for community.  Please note that the Cross-Cultural Team, Marriage Care Group, and the Ladies and Men's Fellowships are intended to provide equipping and support in addition to, not to substitute for the depth of community and support that a weekly neighborhood group provides.  


Neighborhood Groups

Neighborhood Groups (NG's) are small, casual, meaningful, fun, come-as-you-are mini-communities of 10-15 people that meet in homes throughout Columbia Heights, Mount Pleasant, Adams Morgan and Petworth. These NGs provide a nurturing environment in which people of different spiritual and cultural backgrounds can grow in their relationships with God (group discussion and prayer), with one another (friendship/mutual support), and with our neighborhood (serving and loving our neighbors).

Go here to learn more check out about our Neighborhood Groups.


Meridian Hill Moms

Connect with other moms in our church and neighborhood! This mini-community meets regularly in the Fall and Spring for relationships, support, and spiritual growth. Meetings include a Bible or book discussion, sharing and prayer with a focus on supporting mothers during the busy season of parenthood.

There are two groups: A weekly Wednesday morning group and a bi-weekly Thursday evening group that meet in various homes throughout the neighborhood. Childcare is provided on Wednesday mornings. Activities also include large group events, topical teaching or discussion, playdates, sharing tips and resources, and general communication on all things family, church and neighborhood related.

Email the Meridian Hill Moms leaders for more info.


Ladies In Fellowship Together (LIFT)

LIFT (Ladies in Fellowship Together) is a monthly gathering for all women, with a focus on nurturing friendship and spiritual growth.  

They meet monthly on Fridays at 8:00pm.  ​

Email the LIFT leaders for more info

All ladies are welcome!


Men's Fellowship

We invite you to come out to the Men's Fellowship Breakfast that meets on Saturday once a month from 8:15am to 9:45m.  We ask each man to bring a breakfast item to share if he is able.  We will have breakfast together, then either hear a 20 minute talk from one of the men in our church over a pertinent topic, have one person share their story of their life and how being a christian impacts their everyday life, or just hang out and get to know one another better.  After which, there will be a short dialogue and prayer time.  We invite each of the men to join us for some good food and a time of bonding with one another. 

Email the MFB leaders for more info.


Cross-Cultural Team

The  Cross-Cultural Team's vision is to asses the congregation and ourselves, equip with a scriptural foundation, develop critical lenses and cross-cultural skills, foster meaningful, cross-cultural relationships and facilitate difficult conversations.  If you are longing to see a greater realization of God’s cross-cultural Kingdom come to our neighborhood and our church, whether in terms of race and ethnicity, language, politics, or age, and you are ready to take action in some way, you are welcomed to join this group to take an active role in realizing this component of our community.

Contact the Cross Cultural Team leaders for more info.  


Marriage Care Group

The vision/mission of the Marriage Care Team is to carry out equipping, encouraging and supporting couples to cultivate marriages that are both inwardly growing and outwardly serving in ways that will be both organized and organic. This means, we want to begin intentionally thinking about how married couples in our church can survive and thrive as we live in community together.
Email Lex Vujan for more info. 
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Questions? Contact Joanna.