We were all made for community — intimate relationships with God and with other people. Some of us are starving for it. Others are suspicious, even fearful, of it. But here’s what none of us can avoid: we can’t survive or flourish as individuals without community, even flawed versions of it. So, we’d love to invite you to take the risk of getting more deeply connected to our community. Here are several “doorways” to new relationships at Grace Meridian Hill:


Building new relationships on Sundays
Deepening friendships in missional mini-community called "Neighborhood Groups"
Attending events


Helping out and serving alongside others

Experiencing God’s mind-boggling generosity toward us in Jesus Christ starts to change our hearts: We ourselves become more generous with our time, energy, gifts, and resources toward others. We serve others because Jesus first served us (Matt 20:26-28; 2 Cor 8:9; 1 Jn 4:19). Consider the following opportunities to extend tangible expressions of love both to those in our church community as well as those in our local neighborhood:

"UP" - Serving on Sunday

"IN" - Belonging to Community

"OUT" - Loving our Neighbors


Becoming a Member

“One of the immediate changes that the gospel makes is grammatical: ‘we’ instead of ‘I’; ‘our’ instead of ‘my’; ‘us’ instead of ‘me.’” (Eugene Peterson, Christian author)

Why Membership? It can sound so unnecessary, or so formal. Why become an official member of a local church? There are many important answers to that question, but let’s start here: Relationships flourish most when they’re secured by a promise of commitment. (Think: marriage.) It changes the way you deal with conflict, reconciling rather than running; it shapes the way you love and allow yourself to be loved by others; it motivates you to invest your time, gifts, and resources in the community’s life and mission; it opens you up to spiritual accountability from peers and church leaders even when it's hard.

If you’ve been a part of Grace Meridian Hill for several months and you consider our community your spiritual “home,” consider deepening your investment in the community through formal membership.

What’s the Process? We will offer a seminar that explains the vision, values, and beliefs of the church. After you attend the seminar, we’d like to spend some time getting to know you through a written questionnaire and an interview with the pastors and the elders of the church — hearing about your faith in Christ and your desire to join the church. Once you’re approved for membership, you will be received formally during a Sunday worship service, taking membership vows and receiving the sacrament of baptism if you haven’t yet been baptized.

Email info@gracemeridianhill.org if you are interested in attending the next membership seminar.


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