Our mission as a church is to be fully invested in the neighborhoods that we are a part of - primarily Columbia Heights, Mount Pleasant and Adams Morgan.  So our 'outward' looking teams are those that build relationships with and support our neighbors - those within our neighborhoods as well as our far distant neighbors across the world and those sitting next to us in the church pews. For more information please click here (Link to CCB connect form)


Youth Mentoring, Tutoring and Boys Basketball

There are a number of opportunities to be involved in youth mentoring in the neighborhood! 

We have built relationships with young boys and girls in Columbia Heights through many years volunteering at the Columbia Heights Recreation Center ("the Rec"), where we also have our Neighborhood Easter Party, and at Rita Bright Recreation Center (#10). Right now, we are focused on tutoring and coaching basketball at Rita Bright. In the school year, we have a Grace Meridian Hill weekly tutoring session for 6-12 year old boys and girls. In addition,  we are coaching an 8-10 year-old boys basketball team, with the season running from December - March, and summer Saturday workouts. Coaches and tutors are always needed!

Building on years of ministry at the Rec and Rita Bright, there are a number of teen boys and girls who we tutor/mentor one-on-one. Some are still in high school, some are in college that  would benefit from support. There is a need for committed men to be a part of a group to pursue and guide some young men in college or transitioning to college.  In addition, we have developed deep relationships with a few teen girls in the neighborhood that are part of our church family and need tutoring, mentoring and friendship as they transition to high school and beyond!

Contact Chris Yook for more info about boys basketball. 

Contact Walter Howell for more info about boys mentoring.

Contact Mary Katherine Howell for more info about girls mentoring.  

Contact Dave Balajthy for more info about tutoring at the Rita Bright Center.  


Cross-Cultural Community Team

Our  vision is to asses the congregation and ourselves to equip with a scriptural foundation, develop critical lenses and cross-cultural skills, to foster meaningful, cross-cultural relationships and facilitate difficult conversations.  If you are longing to see a greater realization of God’s cross-cultural Kingdom come to our neighborhood and our church, whether in terms of race and ethnicity, language, politics, or age, and you are ready to take action in some way, then this group is for you.

Contact the CCC Team leaders for more info.  


Safe Families (DC 127)

Right now in Washington, DC there are over 1,000 children in foster care and another 1,200 at risk of entering foster care. DC127 is a movement of local churches that works to ensure every child in foster care has a safe and stable home and families at risk of entering foster care have the support they need to keep their families together. Grace Meridian Hill started partnering with DC127 in December of 2015 and currently has 10 volunteers serving 2 different families in need. This is a great, tangible way for us to love our neighbors and we're hoping to get more people involved so we can serve even more families. From opening your home to taking a meal or offering a ride, everyone can do something!
Contact Libby Hill for more info.  


Mercy Ministry

The Mercy Ministry is led by the Diaconate and is an office of sympathy and service that strives to help our church family and neighbors in times of need. Grace Meridian Hill takes a wholistic approach to this end -- using the resources of the entire church body to collectively provide prayer, emotional support, as well as attention to any material needs.  In addition, these efforts are also supported by the Mercy Fund, a special offering taken at the beginning of each month.  

Previously, the Mercy Fund has been used to support those in our church and neighborhood with rental payments, medication and childcare expenses, food and household goods, counseling and therapy fees, and more.

Please email deeks@gracemeridianhill.org or speak to any members of the Diaconate with any requests for support or care.