As the name suggests, these teams serve 'upwards' to God.  These responsibilities help the service run smoothly, support the leadership, and enable the people coming to church to feel welcome and able to focus on worshiping the Lord. For more information, or to get connected with one of these teams, connect with us here (link to CCB connect form)


Children's Ministry

Every week, over 40 babies and children attend nursery and Sunday School at Grace Meridian Hill. A fantastic and dedicated team of GMH members and regular attenders work together to make sure these important members of our community are not only safe and secure, but that they learn Gospel truths as well.

Along with the weekly Bible story, we use crafts, singing, stories, and personal relationships to teach children about God's love, the awesome story of his work in the world, and what it means to live in relationship with him.

We are always looking for enthusiastic individuals who would like join us in this work, as a caregiver, teacher, or teacher's assistant.  Experience is not needed, and lots of support is provided along the way.

If you are a parent looking for information about our Children's Ministry, check out the Children's Ministry page for more details.   

Contact Amy Roebke, our Children's Ministry Director, for more info. 


Communion Team

Setting up the weekly experience of the Lord’s Supper, the proclamation of the death and life of Jesus Christ for everyone who believes. Communion Team is an extraordinary opportunity to be intimately involved in the most critical aspect of Sunday worship.  

Contact Justin Weeks for more info. 


Prayer Team

The Prayer Team provides spiritual support to all that have need on Sundays and during the week. Nothing is more important than prayer, because reliance on God's grace is where the Christian begins every moment of their life.

Contact Aaisha Tracey for more info or if you have a prayer request.  


Projection Team

To enhance and enrich the Sunday worship experience of our church community by managing the digital slides for music and announcements. No experience necessary.

Contact Jonathan McLaughlin for more info.  


Second Sunday Supper

Second Sunday Supper is a team of wonderful people who set-up and coordinate our all-church meal on the second Sunday of every month. This is a great opportunity to get involved!

Contact Petra Mollet for more info.  


Sound Team

To facilitate the public praise of God’s glorious grace on Sundays by managing the sound board, ensuring the musicians and singers lead in beautiful songs of praise to God. Some ability to assess sound levels is preferred.

Contact Mike Saltsman for more info. 


Welcome Team

Welcome Team is perhaps the most important aspect of each Sunday. This team exists to make the stranger and outsider feel like they have a safe place to engage with God and his people every Sunday morning. By greeting, assisting, and interacting with those who may be coming for the first time, those who may walk through the doors wary or unsure, or those who have been here for a long time, this team is critical to welcoming everyone into our community.

Contact Miranda Kennedy for more info.