Dear church family,

At Grace Meridian Hill, we are getting to know and love a God who sent his only son, Jesus, to move in and fully commit to a “neighborhood” (the Galilee region). “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. We have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.” - John 1:14.

By knowing that region inside and out, and living most of his life there, Jesus was able to minister to people spiritually, physically, socially, and emotionally in a way that uniquely spoke to their lived experiences. He shared in the suffering and pain of his neighbors, who were oppressed not only by local, neighborhood-level forces (Roman occupation), but also by the universal pain of sin and death. He willingly sacrificed himself to his neighborhood oppressors by dying on a Roman cross, but--HALLELUJAH!--he put our sins to death on that cross as well. Jesus, by his resurrection from the dead on the third day, not only offers the salvation of individual souls, but promises the redemption of the whole world, including OUR neighborhood. This spring, as weather warms and you and your neighbors may be lingering outside for a bit longer, would you follow in the pattern of our Savior and join us spending time in the neighborhood and loving our neighbors deeply and incarnationally? What would that look like for you?

Praise God for His Mercy!

The Neighborhood Easter Party at Girard St. Recreation Center and Park was a huge success!!! Please thank your dedicated co-organizers: Akite Daniel, Kristin Collins, and Abby Furnish when you see them!

Grace Meridian Hill’s tutoring ministry at the Rita Bright Family & Youth Center (also known as “#10” to locals) in Columbia Heights is beginning a wonderful new set of programming and approach to their ministry there. Lead by Dave Balajthy, our core team of volunteers there are planning, for many logistical reasons as well as shifting resources and needs at #10, are now shifting to arts-based tutoring and programming for the rest of the spring. See here an excerpt of the proposal Dave and his team of tutors have developed for this exciting new ministry:

This program seeks to engage students with regard to art and music. In doing so, we hope to inspire

creative thinking, increase literacy, and expose students to a range of art and music concepts. We plan

to meet on a bi-weekly basis on Tuesdays at 6pm beginning March 27th. We currently expect to host workshops in three specific areas: (1) painting; (2) music; and (3) photography. Each of these workshops will be interactive and include both a lesson and an opportunity for students participate. Below is a brief

description of each of the workshops:

Painting (3/27, 4/10). Petra Mollet and Dennis Kuo will teach students several simple painting techniques. Students will then practice these techniques and create a piece of artwork they are able to take home or hang up at the Center.

Music (4/24, 5/15). Dave Balajthy plans to use popular songs and poems to educate students about meter and song/poetry-writing. Then, using simple instruments and recordings, we will help students create their own songs and/or poetry and share their work with the class.

Photography (5/29, 6/12). Isaiah Castilla, a volunteer and friend from District Church, will instruct students on several simple photography techniques using a digital camera. We will then show them how to edit their photography and export their work so they can share with friends and family.

Growing in the Grace of Giving…

As a neighborhood-centered church, we long to know our neighbors and neighborhoods better. The more deeply we know one another, the better we can serve and love one another well. Because our community now worships on Sundays in Petworth, and Petworth is one of the 4 neighborhoods we are intentionally, missionally committed to, we would like to gather a team of people to intentionally walk around and learn more about Petworth. Whether you reside in Petworth or not, would you be interested in learning more about the neighborhood? Contact us at

Would you be interested in visiting the group of tutors at #10 on one of the Tuesdays coming up this Spring, checking out what they’re up to? This is a great way to get to know not only a major neighborhood resource like #10, neighborhood youth, and their parents, but a great way to get to know others in our church and to develop friendships. The tutoring team welcomes those who are interested in observing and potentially volunteering at #10, and especially is looking for additional support on this first painting session in April! Contact Dave for more information:

Love in Christ,

Mary Katherine, together with the rest of the Diaconate