God @ Work: Sound Team 

Imagine an all-access pass to listen in on the “sound check” for your favorite band. When you’re part of the sound team at Grace Meridian Hill, that’s not just a hypothetical—it’s a perk of the job. 

Our church is blessed with an immensely-talented worship team. It’s the responsibility of the sound team to make sure their “joyful noise” on Sunday sounds just as good coming through the speakers as it does on stage. 

What does it take to serve on this team?

First, you’ve got love music. Doesn’t matter if your jam is Miles Davis, Mos Def, or My Morning Jacket — but you’ve got to be passionate about it.

Second, you need to have some experience with making or mixing music. You don’t need to be a musician; but you should be able to tell when an audio mix works well, and when it still needs refining. (We can train you on the technical stuff, such as what goes where on the sound board.)

Third, you need to be a team player. You’re working with more than a half-dozen musicians and singers who are talented in their own right. Hear them out when they’ve got feedback on how the music sounds, or how it should sound.

If serving on this team sounds interesting and you’ve got the background to match, you’re in luck — we need good people, and we’d like to talk to you! Reach out to me or to Steve Davis at WhiteKnuckleD [at] Gmail.com to learn more.