Hi all, 
I hope you're not tired of these updates yet! We had another wonderful day yesterday learning about Moses, worshiping, and playing together. Today will be our last day and we will be staying at the park rather than going to the church. We have lots of energy built up at the park and our crew is very young (many kiddos under 2 were with their siblings so jumped in) so it would be challenging to switch locations.

Come out and join us from 6-7:30 PM for the last hoorah or else you can meet us at 6 PM on Saturday to travel to the Nats game or support us with THE LIST smile


  • Volunteers and families that are flexible and not phased by many adjustments each day (they rock!)
  • A whole bunch of littles who scampered and toddled around with big grins
  • Super engaged new parents 
  • Our covenant kids (Geo, Hugh, Miles, Pearl, and Willa) who are diving in and building friendships with each other and the community (it has been wonderful to see this); Skye and Kennedy held it down for a bit for the littles too smile


  • New parents will stay engaged and come out to church and other events (pray for 1 mum, Heather, who was interested in Mum's Group!)
  • Energy, joy and patience for the last day
  • Returned forms or notification for Saturday's baseball game so we can get a head count
  • Area around the park - safety, community building even after SBC (pray for this area any time you think of it; it is dear to us and many of the people who are dear to us)

In Christ,