Hi family,

Thank you for your prayers and support the past few weeks while we got ready. We kicked off Summer Bible Club yesterday and wow, what a roller coaster day! We ended up having a blast but for a while we weren't sure if it would happen. Before we go out again today, I wanted to update you a bit on the praises and prayers from yesterday so you can live vicariously through us (& be enticed to come out!)


  • The roaring thunderstorm moved out just in time for major sunshine! Thanks to all who sent notes of encouragement that they were praying for us.
  • Our volunteers (Lawrence Hsin, Eddie Lee, Braxton Boren, Erin Brindle, David Balajthy, Mary Katherine Howell, Jim Fry, Rachel Yaejin, Nolan Burger, Amira El-Gawly, Albert Kang, Vola Rainovosan, Greg Williams, and Amy Roebke) were AMAZING as they prayed and waited out the rain, gathered kids, played games, packed tons of snack bags, hung out with kids, entertained with musical skills, prayed, and linked the levees of New Orleans to Jesus' parable of the wise and foolish builders with putty, boards, sand, and water (great job, Eddie!), and were just present
  • The Confortis and Yancies who brought their kiddos 
  • Solid turnout of 11 kids after the thunderstorm emptied the park (never doubt God, folks)
  • New neighborhood friends


  • Continued strength, peace, wisdom, and love for volunteers and planning team 
  • Fruitful community interactions
  • Bad weather to stay at bay
  • The 2 new neighborhood families with their day and to stay engaged
  • Blessings on community relationships, including with rec center staff

Thanks again, and feel free to stop by Girard Street Park Tuesday and Wednesday and at church on Thursday. We'd love to see you smile

Nana & Marcus