Hi folks,

It's me again with a Day 2 update. I work with data all day at my job and love it BUT this is a stat I'm super excited to share with you guys. Yesterday, we set an SBC attendance record with 19 kids ages 3 months to 11 years - wooot! Thank you all for prayers and support. You know what comes next - here's the list:


Great weather, again!

Wonderful engagement from male figures - participants' dads and our own GMHC gentlemen volunteers (this matters more than you know, folks!)

new photo release forms to keep us legit (thank you, Amy Roebke)

Incredible, passionate volunteers


good relations with the rec center staff as we sort out policies/procedures

current and new neighborhood families and our church families

volunteers to help metro and chaperone kids to/at the Nationals game on Saturday

In Christ,