Hi everyone,
We made it through SBC 2018 and it's so sad it's already over! If you're bummed you couldn't make it out to the park or you have FOMO, there is 1 more chance to hang with us at the Nats game on Saturday. We have 10 more tickets. You can meet us at Girard St Park @ 6PM to metro over or meet us at the ballpark @7PM. Please let me know though if you're coming out- nhansonhall@gmail.com or (914) 329-2243.

Marcus and I spoke yesterday and had to laugh because as always, we had no idea what to expect but God showed up and SHOWED OFF smile We are humbled and grateful to have served in this way. For the last time, here's the list:


  • Great attendance and many repeat attendees (kids AND parents), which is rare
  • Not a drop of rain during any of the days' time slots
  • Volunteers with all kinds of awesome talents and hearts for service (thank you Amira, Abi, Nolan, Erin,  Rachel, Vola, MK, Walter, Amy, Noah, Albert, Lawrence, Dave, Greg, Jim, Braxton, Eddie, Chris, Rachel, Kristal, Ari, Skylar, and Katie)!!!
  • Enthusiasm for the Word
  • Connections with rec staff
  • Support and presence of former SBCers who "aged out" (Daveyah, Dayonna, and Isaiah)
  • Confortis, Yancies, and Downs jumping into the mix


  • Continued engagement of new families in the neighborhood and to come to church
  • Girard St rec and park
  • Patience, strength and alertness for all chaperones at the game tomorrow

Thankful in Him,
Nana & Marcus