Hello church family,

We know that the government shutdown is affecting many of you, and on behalf of the Grace Meridian Hill diaconate, I want to take this time to let you know that we want to be here for you. As a church, we are striving to become a community where we can bring our real life struggles, joys, and even deep pains to one another. So as the shutdown continues, I'd like to remind you of our church's Mercy Fund resource. This fund is disbursed by the diaconate to support folks going through a difficult time with their financial needs. We very commonly use this fund to help someone make a rental payment, address a utility bill, support childcare costs, cover medication, therapy, or other healthcare-related expenses, and much more. 

Know someone who is being affected by the shutdown? Check in with them, and ask how they are doing. Listen. Remind them about the Mercy Fund. You might offer to pray for them or offer your help in various ways. 

Are you personally being affected by the shutdown? We want to be a family that is learning to love each other better all the time as Jesus first loved us, so please do not hesitate to email the GMH diaconate at deeks@gracemeridianhill.org and let us know how you are doing related to the shutdown. Your Neighborhood Group leaders, the prayer team, and the shepherding team (Duke, Yancie, Steve, Anna, and Shapri) are here for you as well. We would like to walk with you and help in any way we can. 

Love in Christ,

Mary Katherine, together with the rest of the diaconate