1 Corinthians 12:1-31

1) What special talents or abilities of yours have you seen God use to bless or strength someone? In other words, what are your spiritual gifts?
2) What “gifts” tend to be most celebrated (or envied) in our city? What “gifts” tend to be most overlooked or devalued in our city? How can our church resist that value system, creating a community in which every person (and every gift) feels valued and needed?

Every Christian is a necessary, beneficial member of the church. The church cannot function properly if it does not enlist the contributions of each of its members.
Richard Pratt

Those who may appear to flaunt supposedly more spectacular gifts (or perhaps those whose social status appears to confer prestige on the church) may turn out to be less indispensable than the faithful, humble, hard-praying, or hard-working ‘members’ whose value may be overlooked by the power seekers.
Anthony Thiselton

In the Body of Christ there are, strictly speaking, no private sufferings. All are shared because there is one life of the whole. Accordingly, wrong done to one member is wrong done to the whole Church, and therefore to Christ himself.
Lionel Thornton